70x100mm ESD Anti-Static Shielding Zip Lock Packing Storage Bags

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Specifications: Material Structure: APET complex CPP material smooth, comfortable, self-styled zipper bags Thickness: 0.075MM; Outer dimensions: 80mm * 120mm Inside Size: 70 * 100mm; Size tolerance: plus or minus about 2MM; Electrostatic resistance: within the bag, the outer surface resistance: 8-10 10's. Appearance: translucent silver, can be clearly recognizable from the outside can clear goods inside Features: 1. Anti-static bag to protect the maximum extent static-sensitive components from potential harm, 2. Unique four-layer structure can be formed induction hood effect 3. Special products to protect the bag and electrostatic field isolation. 4. Also inside the layer is composed of vinyl to eliminate static composition 5. You can prevent the generation of static electricity in the bag. Suitable for: Suitable for moisture and electrostatic sensitive electronic components of packaging, Widely used in IT electronic communications industry, metals, PCB board, Motherboards, network cards, video cards, monitors, all kinds of hard drives, Digital electronics and so on product packaging. Package includes: 1 x Anti-static bag More Details:

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