1 Pair of Black + Red 5M AWG12 MC4 Connector Extension Cable Wire for Solar Panel

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Note: ** One pair of product: red + black Extension Cable Wire Kit Specifications: Wire Thickness: 12 AWG Stranding: 7 Approximate Net Weight : 30 lbs/1M' Copper Weight : 20.20 lbs/1M' Ampacity 90C Wet/Dry: 30A Rated voltage: 1000V DC Rated current: 30A Cable specification: 4 mm2 Number of shares of the cable: 56/0.3TS Outside diameter of cable: 6.10mm Waterproof and dustproof rating: IP67 Insulation Thickness: 0.045 inches Nominal Outer Diameter: 0.188 inches Conductors: Fully annealed stranded bare copper per ASTM B3. Class B Stranding Insulation Jacket: Chemically crosslinked polyethylene Ambient temperature: -40C to +85C Package Included: 1 x Black Solar Panel Extension Cable Wire 1 x Red Solar Panel Extension Cable Wire

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